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Playing at Slotstar - just as real as it can be!

Here at Slotstar, we offer a good variety of casino slot machines. Just as real as the games at the casino, with just as real big payouts!

We discourage cheating and really don't want any doubts nor suspicions on the games, so you won't find any 'extreme Progressives' here which are suddenly gone and cut to zero during the gameplay with no chance to verify what it's up to. We're here to provide you with experience you get with real machines - a true live casino experience. All games we provide feature a denomination selector. You can choose the value of the credit you bet between 0,10 and 0,50 Euro. The winning chances are completely the same whatever value you might choose, and the same concerns the fun mode play: it uses just the same software as used for the real money wagering. Just take it as a fact: whatever win you may come up to in a fun mode, can be won when playing for the real money. We guarantee that. The gameplay really varies. You may notice that sometimes credits can go pretty fast for nothing in a fun mode, and sometimes you just play for hours and get a memorable experience of hitting the Jackpot once in a while. That is how the real thing works, that is what we offer you: the gameplay which is as real as possible.

Fairplay is our primary concern: the average payout at Slotstar Casino Slots never drops below 90%.

On top of that, playing at Slotstar is not only simple, but safe. We use certified Digital Encryption protocol to ensure integrity and confidentiality of customers' personal details and in order to protect all transactions. At Slotstar, we care for our guests and pride ourselves on great customer service.

When you play at Slotstar, we are here for you to make sure you are as comfortable at our casino as at home.

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